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 FREE Shipping: Golden Prague Franz Kafka

Jakub Kasl

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Product no.: FreeCalendar05
City: Prague
Parameter 4: spiral of binding
Characteristic: Wall Calendar Golden Prague Franz Kafka, Jakub Kasl 2017
Dimensions: 48 x 46 cm, 14 sheets
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Photographer Jakub Kasl

A native of Pilsen, he studied photography at the school of photography in Prague, from where he „escaped“ to study in Australia. There, for the first time, he combined photography with travelling, which captivated him to the extent, that he never returned to the atelier. He further applied the knowledge from his schooldays in America, Asia and mostly in Africa. Nowadays he cooperates with many Czech magazines. For example you can find his photographs and articles in the geographical magazine Koktejl. At the international festival GO FAAF GO 2002 he won the prestigious prize „Best Photo – Land“.