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Introduction » Czech postage stamps »  150 Years Alfons Mucha - stamp booklet - E


 150 Years Alfons Mucha - stamp booklet - E

Date of issue: 26. 5. 2010

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In Stock: 8,00 ks
Product no.: Postage 002
Manufacturer: Czech Post, Alfons Mucha, Zdeněk Ziegler
City: Prague
Parameter 2: Print sheets: á 6 die-cut self-adhesive stamps
Parameter 3: Size of picture: 25 x 55 mm
Face value:: 150 CZK
our price without Tax : 8.59 EUR (227.83 CZK)
our price including Tax (10 %):
9.45 EUR (250.61 CZK)

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Printing method: offset in colours and shades of brown, blue, yellow, green and black


Graphic arrangement of the Alfons Mucha´poster: Sarah Bernhard - Gismonde

Alfons Mucha was born in Ivančice in the family of the usher Ondřej Mucha. In 1879 he went to Vienna to work as a painter of theatrical sceneries in the company Kautsky-Brioschi-Burghardt. He also created the interior decoration of the castle Emmahof near Hrušovany over Jevišovka. In 1885 he went to Munich and two years later to Paris. The turning point in his career came in 1897 when he got an order to create a poster for the actress Sarah Bernhardt. The actress later signed a contract with Mucha and he created for her and for the Renaissance Theatre in Paris several other posters. His life´s work is the cycle of large-format canvases Slavic Epic which he created for seventeen years. He was the first author of postage stamps and banknotes of the independent Czechoslovak republic. Mucha was not only the graphic artist and the creator of the world-famous posters in the art nouveau style, he was multilaterally talented. His work include many branches from the sculpture and design to the theater. He designed labels on bottles, chocolates, cigarettes or menu for restaurants. He died in 1939, he is buried in the cemetery at Vyšehrad in Prague.

Face value is represented by the letter "E", which corresponds with the price of priority Ordinary Item up to 50 grams, international service - European countries, in accordance to the Pricelist of basic postal services in the current version - at present amounting to CZK 25.

The price of the booklet on the date of issue: 6x25 CZK = 150 CZK

Like the stamps with the face value also the stamps identified with letters are combinables. Each of the stamps can be used alone or in combination with other stamps for domestic postal service or abroad.