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Gold Almonds in Golden Egg

Golden Surprise



In Stock: 99,00 ks
Product no.: 001Egg
City: Prague
Weight: 150 g
Size: 90 x 138 x 90 mm
Product: Almonds in milk chocolate with gold crust in gold tin box of egg shape
Chocolate: Milk 32%
our price without Tax : 8.35 EUR (215.74 CZK)
our price including Tax (15 %):
9.60 EUR (248.10 CZK)

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Would you like to surprise your frineds? Or even yourself? Try our GOLDEN SURPRISE and see how good  luxury gold almonds in chocolate can be.

Golden Eggs

Ingredients: milk chocolate, cocoa solids min. 32 %, (sugar, cocoabutter, milk powder, cocoa mass, dried whey, milk fat, emulsifier: soya lecithin, E476, aroma: vanillin), roasted almonds, Ceylon cinnamon powder, Capol 254N,425N, Golden alimentary color (E555, E171, E172). May contain traces of peanuts, other nuts, soya and sesame. Store in a cool and dry place. Made in Czech Republic.This product is gluten free


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