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Lady Prague collection

Luxury pralines + Silk scarf from Prague

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Product no.: 02 Collection Lady
City: Prague
Parameter 2: Luxury pralines in dark chocolate, 100 g
Parameter 3: Luxury pralines in milk chocolate, 100 g
Parameter 4: Silk scarf Summer, 100% silk, 75 x 75 cm
our price without Tax : 63.39 EUR (1,667.38 CZK)
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72.90 EUR (1,917.49 CZK)

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Lady Prague collection
01 Collection Lady
Lady Prague collection
our price 72.90 EUR (1,917.49 CZK)


Silk scarf autumn 1x

Luxury Silk scarf from Lady Prague collection, hand hemmed in lovely gift packaging. This unique design of woman, which embodies Prague has paint Czech painter Aleš Motýl exclusively for STEINER & KOVARIK.

Luxury pralines in chocolate 2x

Collections of pralines Lady Prague contains selection of handmade pralines in milk and dark chocolate with real vanilla (no vanilin). Chocolate is produced from Barry Callebaut cacao mass and that is the reason why we can compete with the best chocolatiers. But not just good chocolate makes pralines tasty, the fillings are the same important or maybe even more and that is why we pay them so much attention.

Lady Prague in Dark and Milk Chocolate
You can enjoy from four different tastes: 3 x nougat, 2 x fine caramel, 2 x marzipan with pistachio nuts and 2 x our Czech speciality prunes in Czech rum. The design is made to represent the city of Prague as a woman.

Luxury pralines plums in czech rum
Handmade pralines in milk and dark chocolate with real vanilla (no vanilin). The heart of the praline is Czech speciality prunes in Czech rum.