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Three Chocolate Almond Eggs

Roasted almonds in milk, dark and white chocolate



In Stock: 99 ks
Product no.: 057
City: Prague
Weight: 150 g
Size: 150 x 90 x 48 mm
Product: Roasted almonds in milk, dark and white chocolate; tin box
Chocolate: Milk 32%, dark 53% and white 27%
our price without Tax : 9.38 EUR (246.79 CZK)
our price including Tax (15 %):
10.79 EUR (283.81 CZK)

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Roasted almonds covered in 3 types of chocolate - milk, dark and white. Delicious experience!

The product was inspired by a legen of Charles Bridge construction. According to the legend eggs were added into grout to make the bridge more solid.




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