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Introduction » Wallachia • Czech Republic »  Wallachia through the historic and present-day lens


 Wallachia through the historic and present-day lens

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City: Wallachia
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Wallachia in Historic Photographs


We have prepared the third book of our series of Wallachia in Historic Photographs for you. This title offers both old photos and picture postcards and current shots to compare them with. The pictures were chosen to depict the widest possible area of Wallachia, and at the same time, preference was given to the most famous places. You will primarily find views of town squares and historic landmarks or full-view photos of Wallachian villages. In many cases you will thus be able to compare how the Wallachian countryside has changed in the past decades. Looking at some photos you will be surprised at how few differences they show, although they were taken half a century apart. Other shots, by contrast, look as if they did not belong together at all. We have not always been able to take the contemporary photo from approximately the same place the historic photo had been taken. Most frequently it was prevented by a high-grown forest, sometimes by new houses that have been built on the outskirts of villages. In these cases we tried to find a shot that would resemble the historic photo as much as possible.