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Introduction » Chocolate Globuli Carolini

Chocolate Globuli Carolini

King Charles´s Balls

The Royal Taste - 700th anniversary of King Charles IV

Charles IV is remembered as the most beloved Czech king and the "Father of the Czech nation". He founded Charles University, the first university in Central Europe, laid the foundation stone of the famous Charles Bridge and built the beautiful Karlštejn Castle among others. Globuli Carolini are delicious handmade chocolate balls with a special filling, packaged in a medieval purse with a portrait of the ruler.
Enjoy the unique cocktail of flavours of white and black chocolate and the Czech spirit with the taste of rum, plums and poppy seeds.

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Globuli Carolini - King Charles´s Balls

our price 12.37 EUR (328.05 CZK)


Globuli Carolini - 7 pcs box

our price 14.25 EUR (377.91 CZK)