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Introduction » Bohemian Garnet Jewelry

Bohemian Garnet Jewelry

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Garnets, one of the world’s most ancient gems, come in a dozen varieties - but none is more precious than the fiery-red Pyrope variety which has been mined in the mountains of Bohemia for over 600 years.

The Bohemian garnet, found in royal jewelry collections around the world, is given to visiting statesmen and every year thousands of tourists buy Bohemian garnet jewelry for someone special.

One of the souvenirs that the American First Lady Michelle Obama took home from her visit to Prague in 2009 was a Bohemian garnet brooch. The piece that she received reflects a tradition dating back to the 13th century – perfect stones honed by the best stone-cutters and set by master jewellers.


The true Bohemian garnet – which cannot be found anywhere else in the world – is a clear, fiery red stone with a high refraction of light. Bohemian jewellers place great emphasis on the arrangement of the garnets which dominate metal settings in individual creations – covering the entire jewel. The result is a blaze of fiery red colour, be it in modern pieces or antique-style settings. Genuine Czech garnets are hallmarked with the letter G or G1.

Bohemian garnet is mechanically and thermally resistant and also color stable. Czech garnet is considered to be a mineralogical symbol and a national jewel of the Czech Rebublic.

Moreover it enjoys curative effects. Bohemian garnet has been helping to overcome the sorrow and supplies the vital power, spirit and the feeling of joy.

In the course of time, Bohemian garnet and the jewelry using Bohemian garnets has become more and more popular not only in the country of their origin but also across the frontier of Bohemia. The Bohemian garnet jewels are known to have adorned the dresses of Russian tsarinas at the Vienna congress after the Napoleon fall in 1815. During the ninetieths of the 19th century the appearance of the Bohemian garnet jewelry has reached the characteristic designs in which garnets dominate over the metal. This characteristic feature of garnet jewels has maintained its position till the present time.

Since 1953 when cooperative Granat factory was originated on the fusion of small trades has been continuing in the manufacturing of real bohemian "granat" jewels and the spreading their publicity abroad. From the point of its foundation, it has been the largest and the most significant producer of Bohemian granat in the world. Granat employes more than 500 goldsmiths and stonecutters and it is also a renowned manufacturer of cut gems and synthetic jewels. Granat is also the only owner of mines Bohemian granat minerals are still being mined.