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 Jan Amos Komenský

Renáta Fučíková



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• Large format book and magnificent illustrations including historical map represents the largest Spirit as Czechs gave Europe and the world - his life and work, it's all very accessible and comprehensible form.

The third edition of the title is the greatest Czechs Jan Amos Comenius as our greatest philosopher, scholar who devoted his life to spreading knowledge and ideals. Gradually presents individual personalities of contemporary Europe, during which he met his dramatic journey. This is a book that represents the emotional joy and suffering Comenius, his desire and constant search for the highest good. The story itself is told in Czech and English and German simultaneously. This quite naturally reminds one of the key works of Comenius - Gate of Languages ​​Unlocked. Readers of the book can also be used for an interesting comparison of all language versions, while also extending vocabulary. The book also finds application as a representative gift a broad. After all, what better can we in the European civilization boast before our most important thinker in his time then was advanced knowledge of the world.


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