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 Old Prague / Das alte Prag

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City: Prague / Prag
Parameter 2: 336 Seiten, Paperback
Parameter 3: Harald Salfellner
Parameter 4: Only in German language
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• “To see the world by travelling should also always imply attempting to understand the worlds one passes through, grasping the local social reality, if not really experiencing it. It also should imply never forgetting the importance of history for the present and future states of societies. Such an – inevitably political – way of travelling not only strengthens one’s judgment. It also opens up a new reality, at least for travellers who also appreciate how to listen with their hearts.” (Frank Michel)

• Combining literary and historical texts as well as those devoted to regional studies, the Vitalis Literary Travels series offers portraits of individual cities, places, and regions. The series caters less to mass tourism, than to the demands of true travellers, whose journeys begin long before they actually embark – in their minds. The handy booklets also make a souvenir of lasting value as a unique collection of maps and images turns every book in the series into a bibliophilic gem.

• Includes texts by Ludwig Bechstein · Alois Jirásek · Adalbert Stifter · Friedrich Schiller · Heinrich Pleticha · Hartmut Binder · Arthur Schopenhauer · Božena Němcová · Wilhelm Raabe · Franz Grillparzer · Hans Christian Andersen · Caroline Pichler · Jan Neruda · Rainer Maria Rilke · Jaroslav Kamper · Fritz Mauthner · Oskar Wiener · Detlev von Liliencron · Johannes Urzidil · Franz Kafka · Gustav Meyrink · Jaroslav Hašek · Paul Leppin · Hans Watzlik · Willy Haas · Hugo Salus and many more.