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A Guide to the magical heart of Europe



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City: Prague
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English: Prague - A guide to the magical heart of Europe

Spanish: Praga - Guía por el corazón mágico de Europa

Number of pages: 360 + 424 color photographs, arrangement plans and maps


This is not only a guide book, but also a small history and treasure chest of forgotten tales. Let’s stroll through Prague and delve beneath the surface of streets and stone walls. The places you visit will be enlivened by their rich history. The paving where you stand will vibrate with the steps of giants such as Franz Kafka, Angelo Maria Ripellino, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and many others. Incidentally even today’s Prague has a strong genius loci – as confirmed by, amongst others, the writer Terry Pratchett, Prince Charles and possibly even the King of Spain, Juan Carlos.

This Guide to the Magical Heart of Europe, is presented in the form of 43 walks of discovery, which have been devised for you by philosopher and historian Vladislav Dudák, the author of a series of successful publications about monuments, architecture, art and history. The creator of the photographs, Jiří Podrazil, is an outstanding photographer specializing in historical landmarks and architecture. Let his photographer’s eye be your best guide in the choice of walks.

Amongst others things we will look at Prague Castle – the most extensive Royal seat in Europe. We will meander along the famous Charles Bridge, enter the gardens and palaces of the Lesser Quarter and wander through secretive lanes in the Old Town. We will admire the ancient monuments of the world famous Jewish Town, and the unique Gothic wall paintings of the cloisters of the Na Slovanech Monastery in the New Town. And in among the grand treasures, we will be surprised at every step, by discoveries which may be less well known, but are frequently even more beautiful.


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