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Introduction » Wallachia • Czech Republic

Wallachia • Czech Republic


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Moravian Wallachia is a mountainous region located in the easternmost part of Moravia, Western Carpathians, Czech Republic, near the Slovakian.

The name comes from the exonym of the Romanian shepherd migrants (see Vlachs), who advanced along the Carpathian range between the 14th and 17th centuries. On their way they gradually lost their original language with the exception of some Romanian words they use in their Czech and Slovak dialect, but they preserved much of their culture (especially folklore, songs and costumes) and economic base, namely sheep breeding.

The Wallachia offer a perfect combination of nature and the creations of man – high, forest-carpeted hills, orchid-filled meadows and unique folk architecture sensitively inserted into the landscape. Then there’s the sheep’s cheese, tarts, slivovitz and other local specialities to savour. The pagan god Radegast, after whom the local beer is name, has ruled over this land since time immemorial.