Stone - Czech grenade with moldavite

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Product no.: G6471365
City: Prague
Characteristic: Stone - Czech grenade with moldavite
Metal weight: 4.20 g
Finish: Rhodium Ag 925/1000
Dimension W / H: 18 x 27 mm
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137.00 EUR (3,236.63 CZK)

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Stone - Czech garnet

Garnets, one of the world’s most ancient gems, come in a dozen varieties - but none is more precious than the fiery-red Pyrope variety which has been mined in the mountains of Bohemia for over 600 years. The Bohemian garnet, found in royal jewelry collections around the world, is given to visiting statesmen and every year thousands of tourists buy Bohemian garnet jewelry for someone special.

One of the souvenirs that the American First Lady Michelle Obama took home from her visit to Prague in 2009 was a Bohemian garnet brooch.

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